Choosing Your Wedding Venue

These days everything wedding related is optional. We have photographed casual weddings, weddings with and without games, buffet dinners to five-course meals, and everything in between! Planning your wedding is a clean slate, open to whatever you desire but, the venue that you choose should be considered carefully.


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Note if it has space for all aspects of your wedding (ceremony, cocktails, reception). Sometimes venues will do a “flip” after the ceremony and before your reception. This means that they will break down the chairs and ceremony decor in order to transition the space into a spot for dancing and dining.


Are you okay with having to provide transportation for guests from a hotel to your venue? Does the venue allow for guests to get themselves there via public transportation? If everyone is driving, is there plenty of parking available? Transportation can be a fairly big line item on your budget if you’re bussing or shuttling your guests back and fourth.


This consideration completely depends on the type of wedding you’re hoping to have. If you’re looking for a casual wedding, a rustic feel or an upscale five diamond resort you’ll need to carefully review your venues amenities and overall look. Is the venue naturally beautiful and impressive and therefore, doesn’t require additional lighting or expensive accessories? Is it a blank slate that will need accent lighting and additional decor?


This might actually be the most important factor when considering your wedding venue. Weddings can be stressful and overwhelming, having a well-prepared coordinator and an excellent support staff can greatly reduce your anxiety. Venue coordinators are the new wedding planners so, it’s important to find one that you can trust – or more importantly, a leader who you enjoy talking with.

What is the Perfect Venue?

The perfect venue is a melange of each element listed above. Next to photography your venue is the most important decision you will make for your big day! Consider the atmosphere and evaluate the background, your photography will be all the better for it. Something that many brides fail to consider is what the “bridal suite” or getting ready room looks like. If it’s shabby or plain, lacking in elegant features it will show in your photography. Also, ask about the reception area, will there be lighting, if so what is its style and layout? background lighting can create beautiful reception photos for you to enjoy for a lifetime. In the end, it all comes down to who the coordinator is. This is who will be planing all of the details so, make sure that you get along with them and be sure that they have the experience that you can depend upon. If you’ve found your venue based on these values then you’re going to be delighted when the time comes to share this moment with the love of your life and your best friends and family members!

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