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Wedding Beauty Questions Get Answered!

If there is one day that all eyes are on you, it’s your wedding day. So it’s no surprise that bridal makeup is a BIG deal! I love to see the confidence and joy that brides feel when they know they look amazing on their big day — it’s one of the things that makes capturing their wedding day so much fun! But wedding makeup and bridal beauty can be a little intimidating. Even though many women wear makeup every day, most of us don’t get red-carpet, professional hair and makeup very often. So you might have a few questions! I’m lucky enough to know and work with some fantastic makeup artists on a regular basis, so I reached out to one of them, Lacey Elliot, to ask her to share her expertise.
Arizona wedding bridal photographer

Who’s Lacey?

Lacey Elliot is an award winning makeup artist from Phoenix, AZ. Curious from a young age about skin care and beauty, she was constantly applying whatever products she could get her hands on from grandma’s cabinet!
Twenty-five years later, Lacey started her career with MAC cosmetics in Washington DC as a freelance artist and started her own company in 2012. The following year, Lacey relocated to New York City after acceptance into the master certification program at the Make Up For Ever Academy.
Her work has been published in Make Up Artist Magazine, MOOD Magazine, Washington Family Magazine, Obscurae Magazine & various online publications. In 2014, Lacey won first place for her Beauty/Fantasy design at London IMATS student competition. Shortly thereafter, she was recruited to work on the major motion picture “Burnt” starring Bradley Cooper in London. Upon returning to New York, Lacey continued working with brides and personal clients. Lacey loves connecting with her brides to make sure they have the most enjoyable and beautiful wedding experience possible!
In 2017, Lacey relocated to Phoenix to prioritize family and living a non-toxic lifestyle personally and professionally. Offering both commercial/HD makeup applications as well as non-toxic options, Lacey is grateful for her local clients in beautiful Arizona.
“Makeup is my medium for human connection and I cannot wait to meet you!”
Arizona wedding bridal photographer
Arizona wedding bridal photographer
What are the top three long-lasting lipsticks you would recommend to brides?
  1. YSL Glossy Stain Lip Color – great bc it doesn’t dry your lips out, keeps them moist and lasts all day

  2. Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge  – a drier formula for those who like a more matte finish or if you like a glossy feel, you can apply the gloss on top. The Aqua Rouge line has been used for Cirque du Soleil show performers so you know it lasts.

  3. BITE Beauty Lip Primer w/ BITE Edgy Neutrals Amuse Bouche I LOVE this line because it is non-toxic and lasts literally all day! This one is my favorite because the primer can be used under any lipstick and is so moisturizing.

Is there any aspect of wedding makeup that brides are usually surprised by?
I think brides are always surprised at the amount of time it actually takes to get everyone’s makeup done in the wedding party! I like to manage expectations by securing choices ahead of time and making the day as easy as possible in way of decisions. I allow 1 hour for the bride and 35 minutes for each bridesmaid with lashes included. Not to mention coordinating the schedule with the hairstylist can be a bit tricky too but it ALWAYS comes together and having a schedule planned out helps tremendously.
What should be in every bride’s “beauty emergency” kit on her wedding day?
  • Sewing kit
  • Chocolate
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Small Fan
  • Skindinavia Setting Spray =) ***I don’t let any bride go down the aisle without this!
Do you see any rising trends in bridal beauty?
Berry lips, pink eyeshadow, and natural hair are all on the table for 2017! Brides normally go with a nude lip, but berry has been popping up all over the place. There are so many long lasting lip stains today and they give a beautiful glow to any blushing bride. Pink is also a very soft and youthful glow around the eyes. I like to layer colors on the eyes, slowing building over time. A pink halo of color around the contour of the eye gives a dimension of highlight and depth, unlike a monochromatic application. (I’m geeking out here!) Many brides are choosing to go more natural with their hair styles too. I think this is wonderful because it really lets women embrace the beauty that is truly their own and puts it on display for all to see. It gives other brides permission to embrace simplicity over commercialism and fabricated beauty trends. Thank God contouring and highlighting has calmed down!!! Phew. That one took a while =)
What do you love most about doing bridal makeup?
You know, I really feel honored when a bride hires me for the most important day in her life. I love being a part of the process leading up to the wedding day and making sure she feels beautiful. For a woman, it can be scary navigating bridal makeup vendors because you don’t want to come out looking like a strange version of yourself or with 10 pounds of makeup on your face! My work is very clean and natural so no bride has to worry about feeling “cake faced” the day of the wedding. During each brides trial, we work out the colors and application so we can make whatever changes we need to ahead of time. I’d have to say brides are my favorite clients because it’s such meaningful work and memories being made. I’ve never had a bride I didn’t love. Brides also make the best referrals too!
What is the #1 most important thing you want brides to know?
Skincare. Skincare. Skincare. When working in New York, every major makeup artist I assisted in editorial or film, took generous time prepping client’s skin before ever applying any makeup. Skin prep is your primer; not something you buy in a tube. Most skin primers are a marketing gimmick. The best makeup artists in the world like Pat Mcgrath, Anastasia Durasova and Lisa Eldridge all use the most amazing skin care on their clients before they ever use the latest greatest primer. Some brands I like to use leading up to the wedding are: Tata Harper’s Skin Brightening Essence, Nourishing Oil Cleanser, Regenerating Cleanser, Rejuvenating Serum and Boosted Eye Contour Mask. These are some of my favorites and I could go into depth why, but that sounds like a whole ‘nother blog post!
Thanks so much Lacey for sharing your tips!

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