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We are Arizona Photographers, located in Scottsdale Arizona – together we share the love of our son and enjoy taking trips to the Caribbean. We are Photographers located in Scottsdale Arizona but travel all over the state of Arizona and the World!

When we’re not Photographing Weddings, Engagement Sessions, & Lifestyle sessions (Family Photography, New Born Photography, Boudoir, Maternity, and more) you can find us spending time with friends and shopping at Scottsdale Quarter. Lovelee Photography was founded in 2010 and has become so much more than a business. As photographers in Scottsdale Arizona, we become intimately aquatinted with our clients – which often leads to great relationships and even better friends!

Photography has become a part of our lifestyle, the fantastic clients that we meet along the way make the journey worth every bit of effort that we put into our photography. We are so lucky to be able to do what we LOVE, every single person that we have worked with over the years is someone special to us!

Arizona can be a beautiful place, especailly for photography so we take a lot of pride in the quality of our photography as well as the service that we provide to our valued clients. . . however, they never stay clients for long, they always become friends!

We believe in B&W Photography.

We believe in building a life together.

We believe in butterflies and the feeling of “you just know”

We believe in soulmates and best friends..

We believe in the forever kind of love.

We believe in authenticity and that your real story is beautiful.

We believe portraits should be displayed.

We believe in family heirlooms.

We believe in the beauty of true emotion.

We believe in keeping memories alive.

We believe in growing old together but never growing up.

We believe in hand holding.

We believe that classic never goes out of style.

We believe in love & marriage.

Husband and Wife Team


She was trained in Digital Photography

A Natural Behind the Lens

Always Driven and Supportive

A Professional Figure Skater

and Everything to him

She’s an Arizona native and driven by making people happy during the most special moments of their lives, which keeps her in such high demand with her clients. She grew up around other like minded professionals, which is how she began her passion for photography, and the passion never faded. As a professional trained figure skater, being perfectly balanced has always been essential to her, ensuring that Lovelee Photography will always rise above all expectations. Being genuine and honest is at her core and a foundational element of our prestigious brand.


He was trained in Graphic Design and Digital Editing

He is the Business Guru & Lighting Expert

Apple Aficionado

Espresso Connoisseur

and her Rock.

He is originally from North Dakota, most of his family is in Minnesota. He spent his years as a baby at the Lake House his grandfather used to own. Today he lives in Scottsdale Arizona where he grew up and loves being a part of its social community. He spent 6 years in the U.S. Marines before realizing his passion for business & the art of photography. Attending high school at Desert Mountain and graduating with a degree in Psychology from Arizona State University he is the engine that runs Lovelee Photography.

We Love Timeless Moments,
Classic Weddings & Families in Love

We always ask our couples to

“Tell us your love story”

Well, we want to share ours.

We want to share how our love story impacts our style of photography and how it makes every session special to us.

We were married in the heart of Spring amongst the candlelight with our closest friends and family surrounding us. Our favorite flowers were in full bloom and freshness filled the air. We look back and remember the dinner plate we didn’t finish, the doughnuts we wanted instead of the expensive cake (we spent countless weeks designing them), and trying so desperately to get every step perfect in our first dance. Or, the first moment our eyes met, laughing as we run through the airport to catch our plane, and the final sigh of relief when it was finally, just the two of us.

For us, weddings remind us of the promise we made.

When looking through old photographs we’re reminded of our “then” and how far we’ve come to get to our “now”.

And, on the days we feel our worlds are crashing down, we’re taken back to the beautiful spring day, where we stood side by side amongst the candlelight.

Where forever love was promised.

Where two families lovingly collided.

Where our hearts became one.

We remember through photographs.

Our Promise to you is to help you remember exactly how things were. The scents. The sights. The feelings. The sounds. We want them to all come rushing back to remind you of exactly how life was in that moment. To remember the “then” you. The “we’re engaged” you. The “about to get married” you. The “that’s my Husband” you. So here’s to stashing away that one moment that summarizes a season of your life. Here is to celebrating dresses. And rings. And vows. And even all of your less than graceful dance moves. . . And really — celebrating everything!

This is WHY we do what we do. The very purpose that guides us. We are preserving living moments, legacies, and love. To provide the very proof that this love existed in the first place. Therefore, due to the weight of this, we believe that the only way to capture such moments is through authenticity and captured in a meaningful way. So, your history can be recorded for generations to come.

"We treat our clients as friends with experience, rather than experienced photographers"

We are,
Lovelee Photography

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