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Arizona Wedding Photographers

The language of love is set deeply within; passion, romance, and emotion, with a road to happiness. Love does not see gender, it does not see skin color, it sees only with feeling. Love is the force that draws up towards one another, sets up up for success, and at times heartbreak; but, it is ultimately, the beautiful road to happily ever after. At Lovelee Photography, we specialize in love. Love without boundaries, without rules; we specialize in true love. If you have found this love, we want to help you capture these moments, in the only way they should be captured; beautifully.

Selecting the right photographer to capture your wedding day is the most important decision you can make. These photos will be enjoyed by your family immediately after, your children when they are grown, and by their children in the future. Choose a photographer with experience, quite simply weddings are stressful and demanding. There is no one that you will spend more time with before, during, and after your wedding than your wedding photographer. We are Scottsdale Arizona wedding photographers but travel and shoot all over the valley and country. We have shot weddings in Sedona, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Seattle, California, Mexico, and Cancun!

Let the pressure and responsibility of your wedding memories fall on us, let us assure you that you’re in good hands when the day comes, and enjoy your wedding while we help you look your best. Laugh with us, be in the moment with each other, enjoy the process while your wedding day unfolds, and then allow yourself to be brought to tears once you receive your beautiful wedding photographs that tell the story of your most precious moments together.

There should be no prejudice to love, no constrains, no more or less than any two people can love each other. We love a wedding, to capture it in it’s true and full beauty! Whether it’s a gay wedding or any type of wedding, the love is true and that is what makes it so special. Lovelee Photography is proud to be one of Arizona’s top gay wedding photographers.

Contact us today to discuss your wedding photography needs and let us create timeless memories together.

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