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Lindsay and Brian booked their wedding venue with The JW Marriott Camelback in the heart of south Scottsdale, one of the most beautiful locations for a wedding – with views of Camelback Mountain. Having been wedding photographers in Arizona for over 12 years now, we have photographed weddings at nearly every venue and in every style, and we can’t say enough about this location and all of the stunning resorts surround it for a wedding occasion! These resorts present unmatched elegance, ambiance, and luxury from start to finish. 

A Sentimental Wedding

Lindasy and Brian had a very sentimental ceremony, which started and ended with a lot of love, laughter, and tears. Of course, it also included the smashing of glass under the Chuppah in keeping with the brides jewish background. The sunset delighted us with a magical background for their wedding day, something that photographers in Arizona can always truly appreciate.

Generally, when there are clouds in the sky there is better lighting and truly the only way to see an Arizona sunset. This couple was all about the memories and making everything about this weekend unforgettable, from the projection of their names onto the wall, all the way to the live band. These two made sure that their wedding would be nothing short of perfect!

Always Delights as Wedding Photographers

I was ecstatic to see myself and my team deliver beautiful portraits to this more than deserving couple on their wedding day. We never view a wedding as just a number or event. Real genuine friendships can occur and when you are a wedding photographer in Arizona, and often times it does! I am grateful they gave us the opportunity and wish them many years of happiness in marriage.

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JW Marriott Camelback –  Wedding Venue

The JW Marriott is just a dream for the any bride and groom at any of their Scottsdale, Arizona locations. With so many stunning venues across the state it’s always nice to have a beautiful and classy venue for your Arizona wedding!

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Venue: JW Marriott Camelback

Photography: Lovelee Photography

Event Planning & design: Imoni Events

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